Grew up in Portland, Oregon.
Lives in Lyon, France.
Impassioned by Interactive Media Design and freelances for Euronews.
  • I'm a freelance Interactive Media designer who uses dynamic graphics, sound, animation and other digital and visual effects for internet sites, logos, print materials and video production.I use the latest graphics and multimedia software, in order to produce visually enticing media for all digital realms. I'm naturally creative and imaginative with a solid foundation in computer technology and in the rigorous processes involved in digital technology.

  • My training includes a proven combination of self-learning and mentoring, and a 3 month course at GRETA Lyon to perfect my web skills. Naturally, in this ever-developing field, I constantly update my skills and knowledge to facilitate the use of the most recent technology. My major goal is to work in digital special effects and work with HTML5 in order create a rich and profound web experience.